Saturday, August 6, 2011

super outdated post (Sentosa's outing) Happy memories of the past

Domo and i first ever bus trip

I seriously don't know why he adore this expression so much??!!

We were totally lost at the start :((

then the view outside the tram

Finally we are on the way to siloso beach~~ (^0^)//

On the way  we saw this interesting sign

 Tada!!~~~ Finally the beach !! OMG the sea!!! WOW!!~~

Taken on the beach

Domo is holding my message lollipop fof him :DD Grins (o^_^o)

we passed by a tug of war contest lols~~

Next, we passed by a sandcastle competition too Cute!!

Domo wearing my hat, he claimed that he looked nice in it. LOLS

After a while, i find the place too HOT!!
and we headed back to Vivo city \(^.^)/

See his super unwilling face to pose for me
dead face (x.x)

He bought a lilibells flower for me because i said i wanted it
SWEET!! :))

that's all for sharing :DD

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  1. aw you guys are so cute together! it looks like you had super fun at the beach :)