Monday, August 1, 2011

It is onigiri making time!!! and 出岡美咲 DEBUT!!!!

Let's make Onigiri together :D

Ingredients and materials needed

1. Transparent plastic wrap
2. Japanese spices ( such as bonito flakes)
3. sticky white rice ( preferabably japanese rice)
4. seaweed
5. 1 plastic spoon

prepare and gather all the materials together

scoop many spoonful of rice onto the top of the plastic wrap
 to make your onigiri, you scoop the portion accordingly to what size of onigiri you want to make.

wrap the plastic wrap around the rice and press for the shape of the onigir to make form

Next, release the plastic wrap to put the spices in, or around the shaped rice.
*** you can design your onigri here by arranging and placing your spices decoratively aorund the rice.

step5 (optional if you designed your onigri other ways)
wrap seaweed around the rice

and you're done!! Yay!!

Izuoka Misaki Debut!!!!!!!

fan girl screams!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. onigiri is so good! :) thanks for posting this recipe! misaki has such a nice voice and cute hair! thanks for sharing her debut :)