Wednesday, June 20, 2012

outing ~!! movie!

was pretty busy the whole day yesterday...

was out.. ^~^

so this was my coordinate yesterday ..


wanted to watch this long ago >.<
hehhe finally!! ^~^
their romance is so sweet and envious (o*~*o)

and it has been so long since i take really nice pics with my camera :))

so today finally
show off~!!!! >.<
IMG 1285 副本

IMG 1286 副本

IMG 1287 副本

with noob handphone


yea.. today tried a sucessful new make up ^~^ great that i am looking better :))

just now missed my train stop while thinking of...

hais.. hope this will not happen again >.<

so horrible!

yes!! that is all for today yea!! :)


  1. Aww, your make up is so cute on you!
    And omg, where did you get your shorts from?! :O

    1. Hehe thanks Liz !! I got my shorts from my own country Bugis street ;))