Friday, June 15, 2012

New life new inspiration~~!!


i am very active in blogging now! ^Q^


went out to have some fun today and collect my precious loves :pp

1st : i managed to get myself a WC shirt!

photo (20)

show off ***


2nd: japanese Sly brand lace outer

photo (21)

3rd: a jap inspired off shoulders lacey top ^~^

photo (22)

after that i bought this small baby johnson lotion to aid me sleeping at night daily :)
hope it helps with it relaxing smell! :)

photo (23)

i went for another tarot card reading today ^~^ for my health!
very accurate again!

afterwich i went to the library while waiting for my mum :) with sis

and borrowed many books

hopefully these books will help me feel better
and more positive ...

since i completed all levels for my iphone games now already :((


photo (25)

and also i want learn cooking too!

will look up for some really simple and quick dishes to come up with
and will share with you all yea??

hehehhe :))

that is all byebye
will blog again real soonn!~~

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