Saturday, June 16, 2012

recent updates..


finally got the chance to try this mask!~~


bought this because it was featured in some japanese magazines! :D


so here is a short review for this mask!
smells nice :p
very smooth texure
feel refreshed after using :))
will buy again :))


next, my parents cooked a really yummy delicious medical herbal chinese soup
and it really aids my current weak body consitution :)
as i could not sleep well .. these days >.<

this soup really is amazing taste fantastic and aids me to sleep better :))

photo (26)

besides that, i started exercising today !

feel so tired now which is a good thing so i can sleep better tonight!~~ and no mood to think about sad past T~T

in addition, i found out some  really nice new latest makeup in town!~~

from japan!~~


pink brown mascara!~~

<333333 shall buy it after i finished new current ones :))


pink creamy blusher from a tube packaging!~~
not really sure of the brand though...



the latest koji eyelash curler!~~

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