Thursday, June 14, 2012

i believe in daily horoscope & tarots readings!

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today post gonna be on a faith topic!

i am really very very upset right now emotionally

however, they are ways that i look forward ..

i will go and look at my horoscope

via this website

and then do some tarot readings via this link

the reason why i believe in all these because they are all truths!

and i happened to chanced upon a tarot machine yesterday and the reading was 100%

and in order not to think too much i will play my iphone games!

my heart is pain but life still goes on no matter what!

i swear nothing hurts more than emotional pain when you feel like a living dead all the time inside >.<

but i know i will survive eventually somehow
because i died before....

and right now i wanna improve my look!!

1st: i am gonna dye my hair coffee brown very soon!~~

2nd: i gonna start dieting means more exercising!

3rd: improve my makeup

4th: drink more papaya milk!

5th: think positively!!

i will know i will succeed!