Sunday, June 17, 2012

recent food and cosmestics hauls ..

hello!~~ (^~^o)//
here is just a really short post on my recent hauls that i wanna share :)

bought a new brown mascara as it is said to be more femine. natural and gentle for simple eyemake
so bought one to try it :p

and i gotten a matt brown palette eyeshadow too! :))
since all my current ones are all shiny >.<

hehhe satisfied grins** though i can't wait to try these >.<

next, bought and ate these really cute cakes :)

taste not bad too :)

and by the way, i just dyed my hair coffee brown too!~~

however, my hair still looks black for now,.,

needs a few more washes to make the colour appear...

hopefully it will turn out nice faster :(

>.< anxious ...

and i started watching nickkhun and victoria wgm >.< envious max !!!

hope to have such a sweet and cute boyfriend too >.<
sights ...
nevermind :)

single is nice too ;)

that is all for now :)
byebye <3333333333333

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