Thursday, June 21, 2012

what i have learnt from my past relationships :)

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taboos of things i should do after a major heartbreak.

1. stop looking the past photos

2. keep myself busy

3. cry it out

4. force myself to think of other things

5. do more reading so i become wiser

6. exercise more

7. do your hobbies :)

8. think positively


1. trust is something very important so in a relationship, there must be trust.

2. if you really love that person you will not cheat on the person let alone have sex several times with another girl

3. be straightforward about your inner feelings..

4. arguments are unavoidable.

5. never treat your partner too good lest he take advantage..

6. never compare her or him with others.

7. if you love that person he or she is always perfect in your eyes..

8. if your partner always calls you for nothing and text you randomly then congrats!!
because this shows he or she is deeply in love with you! :))

i wish you all the best <333

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gonna do my jap homework today :) and complete my books!~~

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the last pic from my noob phone :(
gonna have more plans to do on my hands soon!~~

see you later :)

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