Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Being busy is a good way to forget your worries

Hi all!

Recently, my mood is really low...
because of some really complicated issues.

and well my results are back and quite not bad i guess??

though i will strive to do better for now..

i am currently banned from buying more clothes by my mum >.<
because my sis and i bought too many recently. T~T
 but i really love new clothes!!

they are all so fabby looking!!

plus,,, my project deadlines are nearing...
urgh!! so stressed

but blogging is nice because this helps me relax abit

and taking nice photos makes me really happy! by just looking at them!! (^~^)//

and some noob pics from my iphone ..

    look at my beautiful nature behind me
   i cant share with you all those mother nature pics yet...

 as it is confidential for my project now..


so that is pretty much all

thanks for viewing


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