Saturday, June 16, 2012

10 mins everyday makeup!~

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hello!! everyone i am so happy my viewership increased!! :))

thanks for keep viewing here!!


this makes me feel not so lonely alone T~T



and keeps me more motivated to blog whenever i am free!~~

after watching the dewy skin tutorial i wanted to do that look a long long time before
but i am always not brave enough because it is very neutral and nature
and BARE!~~

so i was wondering will it works for me suits me?

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so today gonna share my current most simple make up look!~~
so let's get started

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so here all the items i need!!

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10 items in total!~

1. etude house Dr oil primer
2. skinfood red orange bb cream light beige
3. etude house skin voluminizer lymph arua
4. canmake pink cream blusher
5. etude house eyelash  curler
6. shiseldo eyeshadow palette (coffret )
7. double eyelid tape
8.angular eye brush
9. sponge
10. canmake eyebrow nauce brow pencil brown

                                                     1st: apply primer

                    2nd: bb cream + voluminizer

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blend them together before application!~~

blend them evenly on face using a sponger or a face brush!

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3rd: apply blusher

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4th : fill your brows!~~

5th: use double lid tape if you are monolid!

6th:apply draw brown shadow!

7th : curl your lashes

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8th: use angular brush to outline upper inner eye lids

and you are finally done!~~


i normally finish in ten mins time or lesser 

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lastly i want to say this make up is very simple and suitable for any look!
from casual to schooling especially!~~

me trying another style with the same makeup on!~~

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btw, i have been reading more recently you all should do more reading up too
it really makes me feel better!~~

i already completed a book today within one day!~heheheh

gonna practise my japanese soon and do my project soon too!~~

heheh and i am gonna complete all episodes of we got married drama!

ganbatte ne shermin!

that is all for now yea..


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