Thursday, June 28, 2012

a really bad headache!!

Hello all,
i shall begin with a quote today!!

recently, i have been having migraines non stops for the past few days!! >.<
damm painful i swear! T~T
feeling miserable and always breaking in cold sweat now and then
and my stomach feels very queasy too! >.<
feels like vomitting too ...
so once i reached home, i will head straight to bed
and this cause me to lose my usual appettite which makes me slim down :)
but in a bad way!! >.<

my once chubby face becomes a "V" now

these 2 pics are totally unedited !
plus my contacts lenses are making me dizzy!!

so no contacts lenses for these pics :/

super duper light make up as i was not feeling well ..

my headache is so bad till i need to skip my last lecture as i could not take it anymore.


hope i will get better soon!!

cross my fingers that is all!!


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