Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Does LOOK matters to be in LOVE??

This is me without makeup & no contacts :x

since i keep on thinking that if you are pretty and take the effort to be pleasent looking
you will confirm be doted on by your bf... i had lessons learnt from my previous r/s..

apparently NOT!

you will only help your partner to higher their standard...
and from now on i want to be an uzzlang!!


like sheri commented so cute yet natural!


after all one cannot have makeup 24/7 hrs

so natural is the best!!
but occassionally i will still doll up :D
especially when i have the mood!!

gonna do makeup tutorial on many cute ulzzangs look soon!!~~

so please look forward to my next post!! :DD



  1. You mentioned me!! haha ^_^
    yes, when you love someone, I think you shouldn't just love them for their looks.

    And you look so cute! I think you can definitely pull off the ulzzang look :)

    1. to sheri: hehehe.. yea! cause i think that what you said is so TRUE!! >.<
      and you are overflattering me (o>_<o)
      and you are CUTE too! :p

  2. I couldn't even tell you didn't have make up on or any lenses.
    You're just that naturally beautiful! <3

    1. to liz: (O>.<O) thanks!!!! i bet you are naturally beautiful too seriously! :D