Wednesday, August 29, 2012

jelly model Maya mori's inspired makeup

hello!!~~ (o>~<o)
i bought the latest jelly issue vol 4 yesterday and i browsed through and liked
Maya mori's look the best
so was tempted to try it today!

and it is currently the most trendy look in japan now too!!

it is called gradation look -- where you play with the eyeshadow colours :D

So here is the eyeshadow colours required!!

so now Let me teach you how to do my eye make!!!!!!!!!

for upper lids:
1st: apply A all over your lids
2nd: apply B on your lower lids
3rd: apply C all over your lash line
lower lid:
1st: apply B horizontally across your lower lid
2nd: apply C lower over the part where your applied your B 
3rd: apply A over both B and C.
i translated this from my jelly mag! and are the steps i used for my this look!

so here are some pics for my end look from my iphone!!

i am really loving this look! quite natural looking! can be my daily look too<33333333


Lastly i bought this just now !!!!!!!!!
going broke T~T
yesterday went shopping too!!
this is the last one some more!!
Lavshuca Star Decoration Eyes BR1 !!!
somemore, my country does not sell this brand at all >.<
so the more i must get it <333333333
that is all byebye
posting about my popteen issue soon!~~

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