Wednesday, August 22, 2012

motivation to grow my fringe!!

Hi ALL!!

Since quite some time ago i always wanted to grow my fringe, but in the end
i will always just cut and stick to side bangs >.<

this time i am DETERMINED to see how i look with long fringe ^~^

By the way do you prefer me in short bangs or long fringe???

and here is a some video that i viewed recently

so if you are bored you can view them too :D

i will prolly try this makeup as soon as i can :p

you all can try this out too! :D

that is all byebye:D


  1. I'd like to see you with short bangs hehe.
    I think you'll look soooo cute <3

  2. to liz: yea.. but i have been having bangs for a long time and i want to try something new for a change :D but will go back to bangs if the new fringes does not suit me :DDD