Monday, August 6, 2012

shitty things = lesson learnt

hi guys!! i know i should studying now but i am feeling really low now!!

and i feel like venting my anger here argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i like to listen to loud music when i am upset !! >.<
 my makeup changed to a more shitty look too!

pardon my dull cast face, i really no mood for nice make up today T~T
i just realised i changed! >>.<<

lastly, liz thanks for your kind encouragement!!


i will work hard!!

i will not myself be hurt anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. No problem!!! :D <3
    I'm happy to help hehe <3
    I know it's not much but... If you need me I'm here!
    Have a lovely day :3

  2. You make her cry every night and you still have the cheek to ask if she's alright or not. Your heart not functioning properly issit?