Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ulzzangs love!

Hi guys i know i should be posting about the mag pics,, but i have not had the time to take pics of my mag yet as i left it at my friend house.. >.<


so meanwhile gonna share with you all my new love style
the ULZZANGS style!

so this is me trying the ulzzang style!!

what do you think??


i still wanna try other many ulzzangs style
so simple look yet so irresistably  cute!!!

you guys out there should try this too!!

no falsies, no thick eyeshadow.
just a bit of light colour shadow, eyeliner and mascara will do!!

will do a ulzzang makeup tutorial soonnn!~~~~

so stay tune!

gonna experiment new looks soon!~

heeeeeeeeee so stay tune if you like ulzzang style too

ulzzangs can also look great and fab in long or short fringe..
me wanna grow out my fringe!!!!!!! >.< but seeing the above pic makes me so tempted to chop off my bangs T..T

okkk..... cuteover loadness..
TIME TO STUDY!!!!!!!!!

URGH! ://


  1. I love ulzzang style! They're natural yet cute!!

  2. Replies
    1. TO LIZ: hehhehe thanks!! by the way you are not updating your blog :(