Saturday, August 18, 2012

new hauls!!

it has been a really long time since i went shopping with mummy!! >.<


i am a happy girl now hehhehhehe :p

so gonna share with you all some of my new hauls before i start revision..


1st i bought myself this fishy piece to save my always tangled earpiece :D from a flea :D

2nd, mum bought me my mask, happie NUTS MAG that comes along with a LIP SERVICE  make up pouch and my facial cleanser ( not in the pic unfortunately) and i bought a pair of falsies and my heroine kiss me lash glue myself.. >.<

hhehe thinking of doing a nuts look tutorial pretty soon prolly after my exams??

there were many useful makeup tips in the mag!! >.<

& it has been so long already since i bought a jap mag T~T

like FINALLY~~ SOBS...

i finally saw Haruju cute counter!! contains so many kawaii cosme!! >.< me want all!! T~T

got diamond beauty range too!!

next, i FINALY bought myself the chinese traditional facial stone piece which i saw tsubasa masuwaka
using in the mag, but cant find for a long long time until today!!! :D YAY!!!

it helps to remove water retention in the face, especially puffy areas :D
and improve blood circulation too!!
help to enhance your overall facial feauture too! i.e sharper jawline..etc.. 
the price is reasonable too!! mummy bought this for me :D

that is al for today yea??


KEEP VIEWING <3333333333


  1. Omg you're so lucky that they sell Japanese mags there! :(