Friday, August 24, 2012

Happy Omatsuri everyone!

hello!! <3333

today is my country's omatsuri's festival's celebration day!! i so wanna go but...T~T can't~!!!!!

but instead i will be going to my granny house for some celebrations later on...

Mugging for my paper really make me miss putting on make up and photography alot !!>.<

and was deciding to buy my contacts or a pair of tattoo ribbon leggings which okarie chan wore
instead >.<

headache >.<


i really love her kawaii style but i dont really like kawaii stuffs these days though i prefer

such as prefering these kinds of stockling? but i dont really wear stocklings?? hais.. they are just trendy these days??

anyway let me share with you some of my online haul
since i cant go out these days ... T~T

so i bought falsies ( naturally looking ones) they resemble those of toujours though :D

( bought online apparels too but have not arrive yet T~T)

its cover is so nice right??!! and it is pretty affordable too as compared to those really ex gyaru lashes

shall do a review if possible too :DD

hehheheh please do look forward :p

so these days i have been eating onigiri because i am lazy to go out ...

hehehe here are some pics to make your mouth water.. :D hahha evil laughs***

this is especially yummy! >.<
love it!!
anyway so that is all for today yea keep viewing <333333


  1. Wahh~ The stockings are really cute~ >u<

    I think, depending on how you wear them, they won't look as "kawaii". c:

    The food looks yummy too~

    1. to junjun: yes, i like the stocklings too and i decided to buy one to try out too myself :DD will post about my new stockling soon once i received them :D heheh