Friday, August 17, 2012

Happie nuts inspired look!!

Hi guys!
had wanted to try a new look!
so here is it!~~
was inspired by my Happie nuts mag to do this  look!~


bought this new lashes online to try out >.< i had always wanted to try but too costly in those shops outside and a online sells it cheaper so i decided to buy it! :D

Hope it suits me!! cross fingers!! >...<

these lashes are currently selling HOT in taiwan now!!
cant wait to try these and probably do a review about it too? hehhehehhe

do you all think this make suit me better?? >.< or do you want me to do a tutorial about this look??

:D please comment :D

 i really look this look for now?
hahhaha i am a really fickle person ;x

that is all for today :D
bye guys!


  1. You looks like Sayoko Ozaki kind of!
    Keep it! <3

    1. To Liz: hehhehehe thanks !!! Yes I am still
      Working on sayoko look now ! She uses bottom lashes but I have not yet so not so similar as of yet >~<