Monday, August 20, 2012

Happie nut steptember issue preview!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello all!! your long awaited happie nuts preview is finally here!!!!!!


despite my exam i still make the effort to post this here >.<

applaud for my efforts hehhehehe :p

click on the pics for larger viewing!!

sorry for some potrait view cause of some settings errors >..<

i only selected some of my fav liked pages if you want see more please comment!

and if you like other mag scans such as popteen, ageha, etc.. please comment too i will try to buy them and do a preview too if possible :DD

yea,, so that is all for today yea :DD
and have a nice day!


  1. I think my favourite mag is definitely POPTEEN!
    But Sayoko Ozaki is sooooo pretty!

    1. to liz: heheh then i wil try to buy a popteen issue back and do a preview on it :DD