Friday, November 2, 2012

Play sexy and cute!

Hello all today i did an inspired look by a famous youtube blogger
call Suzi!!
lols.. dont know whether you all know her anot???
FYI: maybe i will not be going to the marble collection already..
as i missed the casting audition
And nowadays i prefer the more mature look too so i may disappoint some of you my readers >..<
So today actually i am going to share the video which i was greatly inspired as part of my daily look too ^~^
as i edited some of the steps on myself a bit...
You guys should try this out too!!

Gosh she is very pretty here!! <33333
i am not as pretty as her though :(((
So here is my end look !~~
    hurhur fringeless here...

 Totally loving this new makeup ^Q^

Btw, this look kind of tempt me to wanna buy some of
Decorative play sexy cool and cute lashes!! >.<
heard of this brand of lashes before??
i bet you did!!!!!!
But not so soon cos i just purchased Marimo's Toujours lashes a few days ago..
cant wait for their arrival and try them on and review hehhehe...
So that is all for now
bye bye <33333333


  1. Really like your make-up! Good job, it looks super cool!
    I haven't heard of those lashes before... -.-
    Hehe, ^3^

    1. To Josephine: hehe flaterred (~_~;) thank you !!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

  2. You look just like her! :D <3