Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My SNSD yoona inspired look tutorial..

Hello all!!!! Recently i am madly crazed with yoona shii!~~~

OMg she is so naturally pretty no plastic and no need thick makeup!!!!!!!!!!


omg i wanna be like her!!!!!!!!!!!

Sadly ... it is impossible..
But i am so inspired by her lately...

She is so natural, cute, sweet and elegant!~~~

omg i wanna dump all the sexy look inspiration to be like her so sweet and innocent >.<

fan girling now!~


So my makeup is very simple..

1st face,

Conceal then powder
highlight and contour!!


2nd EYES

light matt brown shadow..
tight eyeline

fill in Eyebrows


pink lipstick DONE!~~

So i am done with this post tired...

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