Friday, November 2, 2012

Kdrama sharing X kawaii makeup

Hello all!! It is finally weekends!!!!!!!!! :D

i am just chilling at home today since Bf was angry and dont want to accompany me to Jrunway
he is always like that doesnt give in to me at all >.<

and i really wonder when can i finally go to Jrunway too ???

Hais.. hopefully things will get better..
Nevermind at home i can still do alot of things too (^~^)
catching up with my Kdrama

FAITH AKA THE GREAT DOCTOR featuring Lee minho!!!!!!!

Btw, just wanna share with you one of my recent new kawaii style makeup too


And me wearing my Kyary pamyu pamyu shirt !!
uber kawaii!!
FYI: all these pics are 100% unedited :D
cos the lightning is so nice :D
My camera has some problems so these are just taken from my iphone >.<
Love this makeup??
hhehe so here is the steps i used
1. apply brown eyeshadow all over your upper eyelids
2. tight eyeline downwards to create cute droopy eyes! 
3. use upper falsies ( i am using my spring heart lash from the previous post)
3. Create visible eyebags ( by using a brown shadow to draw out your eyebag lines and then using white shadow to highlight it  
4. put bottom falsies or you can draw them out yourself like me ! :D
And you are finished! :D
so that is all byebye


  1. You should keep this make up style~
    It suits you so much :D

  2. To Liz: thank for comments and continuous support !! o(^▽^)o. ほんとにありがとうございましたね!(^з^)-☆