Thursday, November 1, 2012


Since AFA is in the corner i am feeling very kawaii now hehehe >.<
So trying out my new lashes from spring heart!!!!!!
okk. so today i am gonna be reviewing some items..
on my contact lense and eyelash!
1 st up!!
Spring heart #14 sexy rich long!
 okk. so when wore is like this!!
camwhore madness!! >.<
okk. it is supposed to sexy .. but well i use it for kawaii looking eyes instead...
hurhur... (o^~^o)



Ratings: 5/5

I really love this lash design making my eyes look so MOE after putting it on!
Bigger eyes instantly..
the length is just right .. and the material it is made of is quite similar to those of eyemazing lashes
or diamond lashes, thick and very sustainable too!! Very satisfied :D

So i will definitely purchase this!! <33333
As this was a door gift given to me when i went to the J Carnival heheh lucky me ! :D

So next review is my current fav lense!!

It is for yearly usage too! <33333
its name is called



This lense enlarging effect is superb!!!!!!!<33333
As its diameter is Big!!

It is very natural looking too :D
Comfort level is great too! so far no infection too hurhur..

it is great even if you never put any eyemake too hehhe..
i bought this @ an affordable price too :D


Lastly my twinie and i was featured in Tsuriki 's blog!!!!!'s)

damm super Honored and happy now !!!!!!!!! >.<


  1. OMG! You I saw that post and I thought "Omg! It's Shermin-chan~ <3"
    You look cute as always :)