Monday, November 19, 2012

I dont have natural beauty but i put in efforts to improve my looks!~

Hi guys!~~

i am guilty of not sharing the kumicky book yet as i am so short of time now since my exams are approaching.. and i haven have the time to meet my dear dear too T~T

damm it really hate exams..
so panicky and nervous , stressed.....................

So today just some pics so show you all my recent natural look...
As i was feeling lazy these days and was inspired my the korean drama " love rain"
whereby Yoona -shii is so naturally gorgeous >.< Envy!!

i was trying to improve my natural makeup look these days too...

i am easily inspired by alot of people...

Btw, i am not wearing contact lenses here >.<
A very simple look with no contacts and falsies here..
do i look weird??
Okk.. i miss those falsies though cos for gyaru, no eyelashes = no life!
i am still lost here...
experimenting here and there...
Till the next time...


  1. I think you look beautiful, regardless. c: Experimenting is fun!

    1. To jun jun : thanks sweetie (^_−)−☆

  2. Aww, you always look beautiful Shermin-chan :)

    1. to liz: thank you ! <33 you are beautiful too!! :P