Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Smoky/ vampire inspired look!


i did a vampire inspired look today..
So this is the end look!~~

lols.. today a passerby commented i look a vampire too!!~~
So here is the video which i followed..

i skipped the red contacts part as i think it is too spooky and i dont have any too >.<
and i will never want to buy red contacts too as i am too afraid of it myself
just want the natural smoky look though....

You can try this out too!!

So next i just wanna show off with you all my new love!! <333333

Kumicky beauty book 2!!!!!!!!!!!

DVD included too!~
hehhehe ^~^

Will blog about this book sharing her beauty secrets with you all too!!
So must stay tune to my blog
and help share my blog to all your friends too!!!!! :D
as i really enjoy reading all your comments and seeing my stats growing!!!!! :D

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