Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My recent hauls!~~

Hello it has been so long since i last shared my hauls again >.<

So just wanna share my recent hauls to you all again!! :D
Happy ***

Omg i really gotten some really good deals for myself :D

Since i have not been saving up for anything but just managed to get myself these fabby stuffs :D

 1st my gorgeous diamond series pink lenseS!!!!!!! <3
Omg i have been wanting these so so so long already and finally!!!
cant wait to try them out though >.<
Next, my acne biore facial cleanser, i have been using alot of this cleanser and i bought lots of them already !! This is my 5 th one already!! it really works in helping clear my skin :D and it is cheap too!!
And my transparent eyetalk glue which i wanted long ago already too!!
this was the last one that i found hiding in a corner ... lucky me!!! :P
And me holding onto my favourite snack!
choco vanillar waffle sticks yummilicious!! ***
No contact lenses here yo!!!
So that is all for now yea??
byebye <3333333333

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