Friday, November 16, 2012

Popteen december 2012 preview!!~~

Hello all!~~

Your long awaited popteen dec issue preview is finally here!~~~~~~~~~ >.<

And the cover girl is HIKARI!!!!!!!!!


fyi: all the sequences of the pages here is messed up sorry!~~ >,< as i am rushing for time now~!

Kawaii pikarin!~~
the best rank loose powder for popteen ranking is
Candydoll loose powder!~
Most number of gyaru using it ~~

Mizukitty and kumicky page~!~

Kyary pamyu pamyu!~~~
Rankings for other cosme!~
Candydoll base makeup 1st!~~

Ranking for skincare~~
Hadolabo lotion and biore facial wash 1st!~~
 Different hair make by okarie chan!~
Ranking for colored contacts and mascara!~~
Maybeline 1st~~



So that is all for now!~

I did a marimo/ cool hikari inspired look today!~~

gonna do a tutorial on this look soon!~~
Btw, no edit here too!~~
So stay tune!~~

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