Sunday, November 11, 2012

My marble collection experience!! (event)

Hello all!!

I am just gonna do a short vlog on my happiness after attending the marble collection event..

So this is how i dress up for the event!!~ >.<


Was feeling damm excited!!!!!!!!!!~~~~

So i set out and finally reached there!~~

i was super early... so i decided to go to the AFA festival which was nearby..
And i paid the entrance fees and all..

Saw a lot of cosplayers as usual.. some kawaii but some really scary :S

There was sale of anime stuffs everywhere.. Lazy to upload pics now.. will blog all the pics in a later post..

And at last the marble collect took place, i queue for quite a while..

SO sorry! my phone was down when the event took place T~T

But my heart nearly stopped when i saw Hikari and Natsuko coming out!!!!!!!!!! ^O^

They look so petite and small !!!!!!!!!!

And of course KAWAII!!!

So see my short vlog for more details....

And a Big thank you to those of you who liked my video and saw my previous video!!
I love you all!!!!!!!!! (o^~^o)//

i will continue to work hard and not let you all down!! (^~^)///

Signing off <3333333

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