Saturday, November 3, 2012

Going to Jrunway real life!~

今日は、Jrunway へいきました!!
Was trying out a new look today and i tried on Marimo-chan's Toujours lashes cherry cute 03 today !!

Cos it finally arrived and i was meeting my dear dear too!! <333
We watched Skyfall today a james bond flim!! :D

 There were atcually a pair of tickets but i er kind of lost one.. so one only..
hurhur..sorry dear dear.. (O~_~O)
too action packed for me already and it was cold too
we keep shivering.... (o~..~o)
Finally i'm here!!!!!!1 WEEESSS~~
So here is my personal Jrunway haul i just bought a bracelet and Decorative play sexy new series of lashes 
 Man they are sure costly... but somehow they are less costly than the only drugstore in my country that sells these because i think in japan cosme are usually less ex.??

i swear i am gonna wear this precious bracelet whenever  i go out! :D And i will take pic when i try on these lashes!!

There is a S alphabet in my bracelet my name intial heheh there were many other alphabets available there too!!
But limited pieces too! >.< i think mine was the last one though...

ok. there offer many other accessories there too!!
The ribbon hairband in the middle i purchased it for my twinie..

So cute right ??
the other mini purple and pink ribbon will grab some of these the next time though >.<
Regrets >.<

Tilt your head a little to the side
These are Bikinis!! >.<

Oh they look so nice right??? Nuts magazine Sayoko ozaki was modelling for these too!
me want!!
Next. they sell Kate cosme too!
Oh and this uber cute ring which i did not buy after much consideration T~T
hurhur.. me reginstering for membership there!!
Will go there shopping once i saved enough $$ again!!
i want an EMODA top T~T
So that is all for now yea byebye <33333


  1. Ooh! Cute look!
    Hehe, and the lashes are so pretty and gorgeous!! >w<
    Aah, reading your blog makes me itch to buy more lashes - I've run out... ;(

    1. To Josephine: Hurhur Thanks!!! (o^~^o)
      And yes!!! The lashes are very kawaii <3333333333