Monday, November 5, 2012

Japan wonder eyelid tape for monolids!!


i wanna share with you all a new item that my twinie just bought for me !! >.<

I just tried it on one of my eyes and it really works wonder so i wanna share with you all!!


There is also a mini metal pincer included too!!
Japanese are very considerate people!! :D
 But this is costly T~T too, well well good things come with a good price tag too ..
Initially it hard to stick it properly as it is really very thin but it looks really natural . :D
 okk. so here is my bare face with the tape on..

can see my small double eyelids?? T~T AS i am just a typical asian so i am monolid T^T Natural enough?? You can put it higher to achieve a bigger and higher crease too :3

So when i close my eyes it is like this!!

You cant see the tape at all right???
Well it is because it is a double sided tape so it is not so obvious looking here hehehhe
If you are monolid like me, you should try this out if possible :p
Hope this is useful for you though..
So that is all for now yea!

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