Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Night Safari X X'mas gifts!!! (LONG POST**)


Hi peeps!! ^~^
Luckily for me, my office just operate for half day on X'mas eve.

Today I will be posting how I spent my Christmas with dearie the last 2 days on the eve and the actual day itself. hahaha :3


As I mentioned in my previous post, I had a pair of tickets to Night Safari (*^~^*)//

However, up till now I still do not know how to get to the Singapore zoo at Mandai area.

Luckily, dear dear is street smart. hehehe! He managed to brought us there.

Initally when I first reached there I am quite scared as I am a rather timid person and the place is like really crowded especially at the first station for  the tram. That day, the tram are going non stop.

Since it was so crowded and the waiting time is like an hour plus thus, we decided to take the trails first by foot. We went to the catfish and wallaby trails.

Personally, one of the most scary moments for me is the fruit bats area, because there are no protective layer there are all just out there. Outside the sign written if you are afraid of bats please do not enter.. lol!! But I was thinking why not just go, anyway, I don't always go there. Dearie was really keen to go in too, so I do not want to hold him back too.. (#>.<#)

I liked the tram ride the most, because we just sit down in ths tram throughout and since the tram paths and different from the foot trails, we got to see many magnificent large creatures out there, the lions, large elephants, rihnos, pigs, hyenas, deers and tigers too. O.O really eye opening.
Some creatures like the deers are really pretty and some cute too like the Wallaby and pigs hahahaha!!!!

Some photos taken there.. lol because it was dark out there so the pictures we took are too dark and limited.. pardon me :X


hehehe dear looks so happy here !!

the hyena sign board which I took because in real out there was too dark to even take a clear photo of them >.<


Some fossils on display there O.O!!~~

just some random normal fish tank at the rest room area...

When we came to the end of our tram ride, we stopped by at a lot of souvenir shops there

Some photos from dearie's iphone hahahaha
that we took at their photo booth with some ridiculous props!



And then at the last shop stop, I saw this flurry keychain which I quite fancy and keep on touching it
then I asked dearie to have a look at it too..
But I decided not to buy it.. but to my surprise, dearie decided to buy them for me..

Hahahaha he chose the orange one and mine the purple one
He keep commenting that it looks so cute!! >.<
Twinie saw mine then she commented on how cute it is too!! Wahahaha!!!!


Blurr shot when we were inside the bus back home... (O >.< O)

clearer shot of my plushie keychain!!! (^~^*) uber cute can!~~!!!!??

Ok ... above is how I spent my eve...

So next are my this year Xmas gifts..

Sephora palette!!!

            Photo: My new sephora eyeshadow. Palette Xmas gift

Coach wristlet! O.O

                     Photo: My new coach purse  Xmas gift ✌

And 2 angpows too hehehe!!

              Photo: Boyfie bought me this

dearie bought me this innisfree bb cream!! <333333 major love!!! which I will do a review on this soon !

Okk... So on the actual 25th

I went out on a Christmas date with dearie!! (^*^O)///

Photo: My life. My choices. My problems. My mistakes. My lessons. Not your business. Mind your own problems before you talk about mine.'

That day, we went to catch Jackie chan's new movie "Police story" which dearie wanted to watch! So I decided to give him a X'mas movie treat :3


Then afterwards we dined @ Crystal jade palace restaurant at ngee ann city!!


The food there is not bad!! (^~^) but it was costly $_$
But it is ok, at least we didn't need to queue so long and the nice foodies that we ordered there didn't spoil my festive happy mood with dearie! (**^v^**)/////

Photo: "Did I told you how much I l love you ? Yes, you did a lot of times  Well, I just want to tell you that " I love you a lot over and over again "

So that is all for now... how I managed to spend my Xmas this year something new and different for me!! (^w^)// What about you guys!!?? How did you all spent it this year?? :O hehehe Much more interesting than me?? hahaha hopefully so.. but this year having dearie by my side happily together is more than enough for me already!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!

byebye <33!!

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