Monday, December 16, 2013

Just back from a short trip overseas :)

Photo: Sometimes, the people we argue with the most are the same people we love the most.

Hi all!! Today I am back to work T>T
A few days ago I went to Genting :O
and am just back..
A short getaway from my mundane intern -.-


took a lot of photo for memories sake >.<

lol but not the food photos though, too hungry to take photo of them though...

Everyday see customers travel I am like so full of envy then now it is finally my turn!! wahahahaha!!!

First day I couldn't get any sleep at all as I drank green tea before bedtime!! >.<
 how wrong was I?! and the sleeping position was uncomfortable for me too until I changed it. :O

I did lots of shopping of course since I didn't manage to play any rides... or go to the casino..


lol the above photo is just a portion of my hauls only..
I still bought a lot of other makeup products for my sisters and mum
and foods too wahahaha.. until my luggage become so heavy >.<

no wifi there either so I only managed to blog until today >.<

Someone special was with me there so it makes the trip super nice :)

I am so thankful :)

Meanwhile, I brought my innisfree air skin bb cream sample along with me too
2 satchets ..

and I am super loving it >.<

I am not sure about the skin tone of the satchets though which I didn't take note of >.< regret!
But I did a research last night when I am back
and I like the pink beige tone!! <33
So I am gonna purchase it when my pay day comes!! wahahaha!!

Effects: I super love its coverage and tone!!!
Make me look naturally fairer! (O*~*O)
and Yoona ssi is also endorsing it !!


so that is all for now byebye!!


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