Friday, December 20, 2013

Shills V lifting serum review


Hello all!! Remenber my hauls from genting
well I am gonna a review on my boyfie's gift to me Shills " V lifting serum "! :)

I have been using this for one week already :O

I have been wanting to buy this product for quite some time already and finally I get it XD


because I really dislike my round face :(

Effects: 3/5  So far there is really not much obvious change in my face shape.. I cant tell the difference yet.. so I guess I will be more patient with it O.O then see how .. lol

Packaging 3/5 normal and classic. I like it as a pump bottle as it is hygienic :)

Price: 3/5 I bought it at the SASA shop there.. quite costly >.<

will I repurchase it?
ermm not sure... if I see results soon, I will definitely repurchase as I am a fan of v lifting products

that is all for now ..
byebye :3

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