Monday, December 2, 2013

i admit i am a rather negative person !

Hello all!!

Today is just gonna be another ranting post here lol..
Because I chanced upon a facebook article and it kind of make me reflect on myself.

because currently I am interning in a tour agency, so I will often envy my customers about them being able to go to the countries I want to visit.. >.< and my colleagues being tour leaders to countries I dreamt of going to before for free! >.<

Then I will normally do shopping for clothes, skin care and make up products  to pamper myself and make myself happier all these times. 

But I must say I am quite happy and very satisfied to have my boyfie in my life with me now ! (o^~^o)

so here is the article if you are interested ,

the highlighted part

. Stop Attempting To Buy Happiness.
I’ve tried; it doesn’t work. You can buy drinks, buy drugs, buy sex, buy trips, buy experiences, buy toys and clothes…none of it will make you happy — at least not past the day that you buy them. I always revert to Paulo Coelho on this matter: happiness must be something attainable by each and every person no matter what his or her circumstance. If the poorest of the poor can be happy, then happiness cannot lie in the material.

Next up,

So out of impulse because of its cute bottle size packaging and my colleagues say it is effective and she bought 3 in one go too.. so I decided to buy it ... one small sample to try out..
the sales assistant claims that she is also currently using this too and it actually helps to lighten her dark circles.

I am like O.O I need it!~~ >.<
Since because of my damm work I don't get to sleep early and my body clock is messed up T.T too~!


I haven't use this yet though ...

i will do a review soon on this ... whenever possible!!

so please stay tune to my blog yea!!? hahaha



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