Saturday, December 7, 2013

Movie marathon X Kose eye cream review


Hi peeps!!

Today just gonna be another random post about what I have been doing recently besides working all day!! >.<

I have been catching movies at home alone and the cinema with boyfie too
wahahah so many nice movies :) Besides catching up on my Korean's craze WGM's episodes too.

I watched 3 movies in just the last 2 days

Went to the cinema, and caught EVERYBODY BUSINESS with boyfie yesterday after work :O
Because boyfie really like this movie and keep saying he wanted to watch it :)
it was funny :3 though, we cant stop laughing ... >.<


 I managed to watch online EPIC & FROZEN online
since I missed them when they were out .. >.< and boyfie don't really like cartoons too ...
well, so I watched It alone at home :) but I really do enjoyed myself watching them
so addictive because the animations are so awesome!! <333 Both their storylines are interesting too!!
hehehe.. watched non stop.. because they are just so exciting for me lol.. I sound like a kid here
but I really cartoon movies especially these kinds :)


So next, I am just gonna do a short review on my another recent new haul kose eye cream !

I bought this because I am guilty of sleeping late at times or maybe most of the time because of body clock and work life hais...

and my female colleague bought 3 of these sample sizes at one go, claiming that it is so effective and good, thus after much thoughts,  I only bought one to try out for myself so far only.. lols.. to see the results myself how amazing this product is ???

not enough rest some times >.<

Effects: 3/5 I have been using for one week plus it did helps me to lighten my dark circles abit
but so visible changes/ effects seen though , but can see slight bit lighter now (^~^)/
Cost: 4/5 quite costly $_$
Packaging: 3/5 lol I bought the sample size to try out for now only, normal Kose design
Smell: 3/5 no nice scent just some normal chemical moisturizer smell only

Will I repurchase it again?
maybe yes? not sure because I want to see more visible improvements when I use longer then I go buy because this product is just so costly I am scared of buying it and not worth it . #>.<# later waste money only.. T.T

So this week I also bought a new tube dress for myself too :) during my break I saw this apparel in display and I quite fancied it so I decided to purchase it :)

So that is all for now yea..

byebye \(o^~^o)/!~

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