Friday, December 27, 2013

Getting used to..

Hi peeps, today is just another random post about my thoughts these days...

My working life and relationship does drilled me to be a more stronger and independent person..

More than often I will bitch about my internship life being sucky and all and how I cant wait to leave that company.. >.<

and conflicts with boyfriend makes me tear easily .. and whenever, he doesn't want to meet me because of some issues... I will cry too unknowingly..

inside I feel hurt.. indescribable feeling..

Dealing with what I have and handling it properly does make my life better and more stable.


I will try to distract myself from those negative thoughts by playing my phone's game or some online games..

last 2 days I spent some time with twinie had dinner together... :3

we just chatted over work stuffs. complaining to each other how sucky it is for us.. lol..

But we had our fav foods at pasta mania and toast box :) even the basic things in life like dining with my twin and eating nice foods actually allows me to feel relaxed.. :)

We went shopping around too and I bought this top :D the design is sexy right?? ahahahaha!!



So that is all for my so emo post now
that is all byebye!!!


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