Monday, December 23, 2013



Today I am gonna do a review on my new product which I have been wanting for quite some time
and I finally gotten it!! (*^~^*) happy much!!'

as you are all know I am very fond of trying out korea skin care and makeup product
and I have seen good reviews raving about this product.

and I have already starting using this already :)
so far it has a very smooth and watery texture.

I use it as my night time moisturizer and together with my BB cream makeup for day time

Effects: 3.5/5 not much visible effects but it does soothe and moisturize my skin. :) I really love using this together with my bb cream because it makes me feel and think that there is more skincare on my face then too much bb cream caking on my face, making the coverage more dewy and sheer overall.
Price: affordable :)
Packaging: It is a tub, no spatula was attached or given so using bare hands to scoop out the gel. Unhygenic :(
Smell:3/5 slight aloe scent, no odour , no pleasant scent either. Neutral.

Meanwhile I gotten myself a pair of tickets for boyfie and I go to night safari + tram ride to spend our Christmas night together Wees~!!**
Damm excited can!! >.<
As I am have never been to night safari my whole life before (O.O)
even in my pre school days too lol!!!
embarrassed much!! >.<

So that is all for now ..

will update again on my night safari trip soon !!
hehehe :3

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