Thursday, December 12, 2013

Innisfree hauls- jeju super volcanic clay pore gift set review!!


Annyeong!!! <333

I am super happy cos I finally managed to lay my hands on my super love product from Korea which is innisfree's super volcanic clay mask!!! :)
Before my purchase, I had actually done some research on the reviews on it :O
Before Lee Minho and SNSD'S Yoona are endorsing it :3

When I went to the store, the shelve doesn't have it because it is OOS. :O
I am like OMG! so popular??! the last time I went there, there were still quite some left so I didn't buy it lol..
then I am kind of regret so I go and ask the sales girl, do they still have it?
and they introduced me to the gift set which is the same price and it comes together with a free mini
volcanic cleanser and toner :) Wees!~~~ The sales girl also ask me whether I want to sign up for the membership for free and I gotten 2 sets of samples thanks to boyfie lol!!!
Which contains samples of their green tea seed cream, serum, air skin BB cream and wrinkle cream which I given my mum to try out ... lol..
So happy!! ^~^//

Boyfie was kind of bored with me always buying makeup and skincare stuffs etc.. lol!!!


So that night I went back home and I couldn't wait to try them out myself so I did the mask last night
and tried the cleanser and the toner this morning only lol!!

So here are my reviews :)

just a short clip of yoona advertising this product here..

Firstly, of course the much anticipated super volcanic clay mask!!
Effects: 4/5 My facial skin did become fairer just after one use, my pimples did subside!! So amazing right?? O.O
Price: 3/5 $_$ quite pricey >.<
Smell: 3/5 No odour ^~^, no pleasant scent either, neutral 
Packaging: 3.5/5 not really hygienic, no scoop was included, using bare hands might contaminate the whole small tub. And the packaging is quite small too. >.<
Will I repurchase it again??
Yes!! of course! superb love this product <33!
Next will be
Effects:3/5 face feel fresh after wash, no outbreaks!! ^~^
Smell: 2/5 no pleasant scent
But I can use it for my traveling purpose so handy :)
will I purchase it?
No >.< I still prefer my mungbean faceshop cleanser :)
Lastly, is my review on the toner also the mini version.. so I gonna pack for my travelling too lol!
By the way ulzzang Pony recommended this toner in her skincare regime too! Wahahaha!!
Effects: 3/5 no visible effects though..
Smell:2.5/5 no odour, no pleasant scent either  
By the way, here is
Yoona endorsing this product here...

will I purchase this product ??
No >.<
I think I prefer my usual clean and clear toner..

So next , I actually also purchased Precious moment tissues too when my twinie was buying some present for her boyfie from there lol...
couldn't resist its kawaii packaging >.<

Furthermore, recently boyfie and I also dined @ some jap restaurant located at Taka basement because back then he said he wanted to dine there
which I couldn't remember the name of the restaurant though but the bill was quite costly >.<
Treated him to it because I wanted to do something special for it ...
This is what we ordered..
he ordered the ramen and I ordered their fried rice O.O
lol when I finally get to taste my fried rice, I didn't like the taste of it at all >.<
but dear was ok with his ramen though and I told him I am so not coming back to this restaurant because it taste awful >.<
meanwhile we also ordered a peach soda too
and it was Nice, so sweet can?! <33!!

so that is all for now yea.. will keep you all updated soon..,
Because I just purchased some new Etude house make up products because they are having a sale bazzar right now .. to be revealed soon hehehe and am gonna do a review on them soon too..


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