Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Xmas to everyone!!

This year for Xmas, I am not wishing for anything else except to be prettier day by day that is all!!


This year I have gotten so much love <33!!

I gotten myself the best boyfie and my family is going to korea this april !!

What more can I wish for???

And later I am  finally going to  night safari later!! To spend my Christmas eve there with boyfie!!

Yesterday was out with twinie and boyfie and
guess what?!
Boyfie surprised me with these gifts

PS: the ladle on the cup has a " I love you" written on it!! (^~^*)//


yesterday I gotten myself some etude house sponges too

the packaging is uber kawaii and I simply couldn't resist it >.<

and I just started using it today
O.O I like its rubbery, spongey texture and it helps to smoothen out and blended out my precious mineral bb cream!! <333
The sale girl say they can be washed and reused!!
hahahahaha >w<

yestetday while waiting together with boyfie for his bus,
I opened the monsta inc gift from him to me hahahah as I wanted to see what is inside :O

So that is all for now
byebye!! <333

Merry X' mas to everyone <33!!*********

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