Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Our Happy 8th MONTHSARY!!

Hi peeps!!~~~

Today is our 8th monthsary!! wahahaha!!!!!!!!!!

super duper damm happy can!!~~

cant wait to see dearie later #>.<#

Recently I have been eating a lot of gummies so boyfie bought me these gummies that are hard to find in the supermarket nowadays in small packs packaging. Gummies addiction!! >.<

hehehe, I super love the strawberries kisses here!!!  <33 super yummy ** guilty of toothache though -.-

and I was craving for some kueh lapis too so I decided to buy some too lol!~~

Since it is our monthsary of cos I did prepare a present for boyfie!!


Bought him this Nike jacket!!~~
So ex $_$!~~~
Make sure he wears it!! >.< and I super like this design because inside it so furry and comfy hopefully will give him some warmth whenever he is cold and since he has so limited number of jackets at home too.. and the Nike sign is sewed on not printed one!!! wahahaha!!
Hopefully, he has the same taste as me ... So still waiting for its arrival since I ordered this online and it is not available in SG too!! So special right??! hehehe.. well I love to buy things that are special !!


Actually wanted to buy some attraction tickets for us to go to either Singapore flyer or the Adventure cove waterpark! >.< But he wanted a pressie instead (O.O) and he gotten me the minion sets.. my light up stuart which he ordered a long time ago via online but is yet to arrive till mid December only.. >.< so long!! So after much thought I decided to get him a jacket ..

Although there is no celebration today but I am still happy to have my boy cos whatever I want he will try to get/buy it for me. And he makes me a much more happier person and brought me a lots of wonderful memories too!! Just the fact, that we argue but make peace or never cheat on another is already a blessing for this 8 months! <33

so that is all for now yea!! byebye <333

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