Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Kawaii girl japan X Marble collection X Kawaii makeup video

Hello all!!!

AFA is coming soon in my country and so is Marble collection!! >.<
damm excited!!! :D

i am not sure i am gonna buy tickets for the AFA but i am sure going to this Marble collection!!


Hikari Chan from Popteen will be coming!!!!!!!!!!!

Natsuko  too!

i just joined the audition for this too!!
But i think i wont get in though because everybody is fighting to be in too! >.<
So i already booking the ticket already ...  i have been wanting to see them since years ago when i was in secondary school already... T~T and finally they come to singapore!

Cross fingers **

will take pics and blog about this when i go there! :D

So please look forward and stay tune to my blog!! <3333333

So today i found a video on marble collection held in japan already!!

So here are some videos about kawaii makeup!!

So i hope this is useful for you all! :D

So that is all for now! byebye <3333333

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