Sunday, January 13, 2013

change yourself instead of changing others :)

Hello peeps..:))
yoyo :)) i am back to doing review today :))
i wanna do so much now :))
study is top priority :))
Meanwhile some music in my life!!

and some reviews for you all here!! :))

gonna review on dolly wink new eye glitter pen :))


effects: 4/5 love the natural shimmery effect.. :) but just not glam enoughh....easy to use :)
packaging: 5/5 tsu- chan 's packaging is always so cute!!
price: 3/5 quite costly T.T
lasting effect: quite lasting for long hours if your eyes dont tear...

i will repurchase this :)

Next, i will review this mask!!

korean Tea tree trouble free masks

PS: I have oily combination skin i bought this ;)

effects: 3/5 it did not cause me any outbreak, and it did help treat my face a bit :))
price: 5/5 very affordable :))
packaging: 3/5 quite ok :))
mask sheet: 2/5 a bit too small.. but it is ok for my face. since my face is quite small..

you only get to live once so.. live life to the fullest :)))
So rock it!!! :)))

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