Thursday, January 10, 2013

Words of wisdom enlighten my soul..

Hello all !~~
recently i am very very vexed over my relationship... >.<
it like is consuming me... :(
i thought it will be for the better but it seems not...
certain things cannot be forced i guess. ..
crying.. is the old me....any words to enlighten me??
pretty please... 
words.. like life is too short for unhappiness??
Girl crying over a guy nahh you are dropping your tiara~~~
i guess we all like to anyhow think when we are alone and quiet and wanna avoid ... all complications??
i just wanna be myself why it is so hard for me to do it??
happiness will only come if i learn to cherish the things around me...:)
i am so gonna cherish all my family , friends :) and my japanese which i kind of took these for granted..
They are the ones that will not forsake me ever..
hehhe ...:)
And i finally bought this!! :)
happy !!
twinie help me :))

yay .. tried this and i am quite satisfied with the effect :)

But my holika holika like nicer?? it has been quite long since i bought cosme.. though...

tempted to try tsu's new eyeshadow too

my MIR paper was rather depressing :((((((((( hais....
knock head...

if only things were nicer...

byebye <3333

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  1. Aww are you ok dear?? :(
    Let me know if you need to talk, I know how it feels :/