Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pink diamond lense review!!

Back from a school presentation today
 so tiring and stressful for me :(((
Today i will be sharing the current lense i am wearing!
Which is super barbie pink diamond lense!
i wanted this lense of my degree long time ago but i could not find it >.<
until like a finally!~~ Phew~~
hehehhe <33333333 finally trying this out like last week??
So here are some camwhore picas when wore!! ^~^
Design: 4/5 i really really like this design but sadly it does not look natural :(((
Diameter : 5/5 just nice.. not too big or small??
comfort level: 3/5 after wearing for really long hours (>10 hours) eyes will turn a bit red at times 
Price: affordable :)))
packaging: 2/5 i really detest the packaging so hard to open :(
so this is all for now!! :)))
i hope you all find this useful :))

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