Wednesday, January 9, 2013

relationship = sexlationship???


in my relationship, i faced a very major problem and that is SEX!~~

This thing has been troubling me alot alot alot ... fear of losing my boy because of this...
beacuse personally this is the kind of thing married couples do.. that is how i think,..

But this is the modern world that is what my boy says...

to me i really afraid and PREGNANCY is one thing i am MOST MOST afraid, although condom
exists,, but there is still a possbility there.... >.<
guys are guys they simply just dont understand how girls feels deep inside
all miserable and weak inside..
they just want to fufil their lust ... but ended getting us hurt..
isnt this selfishness?
my sis told me that her friend got a couple no sex also can last 3 years :))
i am so envious :((((((((
if only my life is a bed of roses...
girls out there do you face the same problem as me??
i used to think relationship is purely sweet romance companionship...
i guess i am wrong...
i just wanna do sweet stuffs with my love one.. so hard???
everytime i see other couples so sweet then i am like so envious and thinking whether they need to have sex??? hais...
i want a never ending relationship with my boy ...
>.< god can you make my wish come true??

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