Sunday, January 20, 2013

Do you believe in Karma?

                                      Photo: Glutton

Hello all!!

Do you all believe in Karma?

Treating others badly and then in the end you got treated badly by another??

is this true??


i have been pondering over this issue..

i really want to feel better... desperate..
i cant control my emotions and thoughts now it is like beyond my control and it is not ME! >.<
i will always try ways and means to cheer myself up but fail..

and this is damm fustrating ..
it is like i finally gotten something i wanted so badly last time and now.. i kinda of not satisifed..

                                      Photo: Hmpff I don't want listen to you anymore

i lost many opportunities in life.. dont wanna lose them anymore...these days.. my unwanted thoughts
keep haunting me  endlessly..


i feel sorry for people i hurt and i dont wanna hurt others.. but in the end.. i ended up hurting myself..
I really really am lost...

anyway, i went shopping for beauty products today after project..

and i bought Biore latest jelly makeup remover..

wanna try this a long time already before but too ex and now i finally saw it cheaper in a beauty store..
and i decided to buy this!! >.< will do a review once i tried it :))

hehhe so that is all for now!! :))



  1. Cheer up Shermin!
    To some extent, I believe in karma, I guess...
    But I have also missed out on a lot of opportunities in life, because I'm so shy and timid! We should both just go for it now!
    Just keep on holding on, and it'll get better! ^^

  2. To josephine: me too!! let's work hard together!! And all the best to you!! :)) i will hang on :)) thanks for your encouragements!! :D