Sunday, January 27, 2013

Living in a dreamm...

Ps: pardon my weird face as this makeup was done in the wrong state of mind ... >.<

Hi guys!! i have a proper twitter acc now!! it is "iamsherminnn"!! FOLLOW ME!!!

i am back :))

Recently, i get to know someone really special and make me quite happy :)
but i dont wanna face up to reality >.<
i will just cherish the time i can now..

just hope that things can go my way once!!!

Dont know when my mini heart attack will be back..

and i really regret it... >.<
but i do hope for better.. but as usual god will not be so kind.. i know it..

just wanna feel better for now./

By the way i spotted this really cute choco pudding just now >.<
So that is all for now yea?? byebye
remeber to follow my twitter!!!!!!!!!! <33333333

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