Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Shaving pubic hair?

hello!!!~~ :)))
i am guilty of properly blogging these days as i am busy picking myself up again :)
it is like a roller coaster for me last few days :S
anyway back to norm.. now!!
So i am going to do photoshots with a photo club soon and i am really excited about it's upcoming next week!!
and i gonna do some bikini shoots too maybe...
hopefully everythings turn out well and nice!! >.<
This require me to shave my pubic hair..
(#>..<#) emabarassed
since it is most girls reading my blog !!
I was wondering does most girl shave there??
i read an article online and i found the consequence abit intimidating!!
and there are some solutions inside this web too! :)
This is all about hygeine and femine beauty afterall..
nothing to be embarassed about...
 so here are some recent photos in my life..
Photo: Nobody can help you if you don't help yourself
Photo: I want to be a guy so that I can know how those bastards player out feels

                                  Photo: Being a sad asshole these days

                                  Photo: Sometimes you just don't know what you are missing out ..

i did something bad recently i hope there will be karma as i did unintentionally seriously...

i feel bad inside but ridiculous too :0

i just dont wanna mess up my life any further want a peaceful life now..

so that is all for now yea byebye <333

xoxoxo i will update soon :))


  1. Omg you have no idea how glad I am you brought this up.
    I've been kinda worrying about this too :(
    But I'm kinda scared to shave it so I trim it @_@

    1. to liz: lol there is nothing to worried about this! :)
      just do some online research on this issue should help! :)
      you are welcome! :p