Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A light in the darkness. :))

                                 Photo: Photoshoot completed waiting for photos

Hello all!!!!!!!

Today i am so damm happy to share with you all this piece of news!! :D

Firstly, i am just done with my photoshoot!! :D ( waiting for my photos!!) prolly next 2 weeks time then i have them T~T

And blogger Josephine awarded me the LIBESTER AWARD!!~~~

OMG!! >.<

Touched ** So many things i am so stressed about..

                                     Photo: Keep having weird dreams these few days

                               Photo: Don't compare me with other girls\

So that is all for now need to study already..
Byebye will update more interesting soon??


  1. good to know you're doing great. its been a while since my last visit here in your blog :)

  2. To carriza chua: heheh thanks dear!! <33